midiRota : Bullet Hell Sequencer

Parsons MFA Design + Technology
New York, NY

Design Prompt - OOP

October 2014 

Materials & Software
Piano One VST

midiRota is a generative music program made in Processing. It was inspired by the shoot 'em up video game genre in which enemies generate dazzling arrays of game-ending projectiles that the player must dodge.

In midiRota, "bullets" are generated from a central position and propel towards a perimeter ring. When the perimeter ring is crossed, a MIDI note is created and then routed to an output device. On-screen controls allow for the user to tweak bullet/perimeter collisions and timing variables. An accompanying Max patch scales all note information generated by midiRota to fit a selectable harmonic scale. The patch also allows for note quantization and MIDI routing. In the example below, the Piano One VST is used as the playback device.