Project Portfolio

Community + Event Organizing connects designers with the communities they serve, empowering both parties in the process. The following events are from over a decade of organizing public gatherings and exhibitions. These range from small-scale meetups aimed at supporting local communities to larger exhibitions attended by hundreds. Workshops + Talks are an essential part of the creative process. Presenting to a general audience encourages one to distill their ideas, methods, and intentions. Sharing ideas publicly strengthens a creator’s connection with their audience and exposes them to new insights and perspectives that can later inform their practice.

Graphic Design is  something I do almost everyday. Whether it’s designing a poster for an event or making sure an email is properly formatted and easy to understand, the principles of good graphic design are always a central concern in my work.  

Kiwi Electronics was a small design studio I founded in 2011. Kiwi started off catering to the noise and chiptune music communities through DIY products such as MIDI interfaces and matrix mixers, but grew quickly as I designed more instruments. When the studio closed, it had ten published open source designs and over 500 customers served.

Modular Synthesizers are what I work on when I’m not working. Although they were the focus of my graduate studies, I still consider myself an amateur with much to learn. I no longer perform or compose with synthesizers, but still enjoy planning and designing new systems to share with family and friends.