Brendan Byrne is a designer from Brooklyn. His work has been exhibited in venues such as the Game Science Center, Eyebeam, and SF MoMA, and featured on Adafruit, Hackaday, and the Daily Dot. In 2013, Brendan founded Kiwi Electronics, a small design and fabrication studio. He holds a master’s in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design.

Destiny Clock

Destiny Clock is modular programmable system for generating musical compositions. Signals are strictly on/off messages. Patches use a combination of generator and processor modules before passing signals. The interface module constructs and transmits a MIDI message to a hardware or software synthesizer.


Theseus is a modular platform for generating musical and visual compositions. Building on the Eurorack analog synthesizer standard, the platform uses 3.5mm patch cables to interconnect modules. However, unlike the Eurorack standard, Theseus is entirely digital and produces MIDI/OSC control messages rather than CV signals. This simplification in fidelity greatly reduces the cost and complexity of the electronic circuits, making patch cable systems more accessible to users. Thirteen modules were designed to demonstrate the potential of such a platform.

Kiwi Electronics

Kiwi Electronics was a small electronics design studio specializing in the creation of hardware interfaces for navigating sonic and visual environments. Founded in 2013, Kiwi started off catering primarily to the noise and chiptune music communities through DIY products including MIDI interfaces and matrix mixers. Kiwi later focused on designing affordable modular controllers. The studio closed in 2017 with over 500 customers and twelve completed designs.

Games / Controllers

You can’t play a video game without a controller, but the good news is that you can pick whatever controller you want or even make your own. Simply changing the input method can radically alter the way a game is experienced. These devices celebrate what becomes possible when you decide to break out from the confines of the D-pads, triggers, bumpers, analog sticks, and buttons. Oh, the joy of taking your creations on the road and sharing them with friends! The games featured here are easy to learn, social, and easily transportable. Their enclosures are lightweight yet sturdy. But above all else, they were created to brighten someone’s day.

Sound Tools

The following musical and video instruments were designed specifically for live performance. They focus on core concepts with expressive controls.