Design Research

Digging Deeper

Design doesn’t just happen. It’s a good idea to hit the books first. The following projects represent work I’ve done to ease the stress of research for others or are my own contributions to the field. 

Emulated Game Collection

The NYU Game Center’s Open Library was created to support student and faculty research initiatives. It promotes games literacy, critical examinations of play, and community engagement through the design history of games.

The library’s Emulated Collection consists of 11,000 classic games for consoles ranging from the Magnavox Odyssey to the Sony PSP. 

Link : NYU Game Center Library

Design Meditations

Design Meditations is a daily post about an object, practice, institution, book, or personal experience as it relates to design in a larger context. Every post is accompanied by a complimentary image.

Link : Design Meditations


touchTV is an exploration of the tactile world through focused touch experiences relayed in the form of a soothing YouTube channel. Each video examines its subject for 11 minutes and 11 seconds. Although, the focus is on touch, sound (which is also a form of touch if you think about it) plays a large role. 

Link : touchTV

SSF Research Paper

Super Sequene Fighter was a challenging and ground breaking alternative controller project. This draft is an extensive documentation of the design process and construction.

Link : SSF Research Paper