These presentations were given to students and community members at the NYU Game Center between 2015-19. The exhibiting and fabrication workshops were designed to fill a gap in the curriculum, and the Demolition Man talk was delivered at an Anything But Games event.

Exhibiting Your Game

This workshop is given annually to the graduating classes of the NYU Game Center in preparation for their culminating exhibition. For many of the students, this is their first time working in a physical space and presenting their game to the general public. The presentation considers this by focusing on practicalities of lighting, cable management, and pitching their project. There is also an emphasis on encouraging students to design their spaces to enforce the overall aesthetic of their individual work. 

Fabricating Board Games

The Fabricating Non-Digital Games workshop is given to the Game Design I classes at the NYU Game Center. The workshop introduces new students to basic cutting, adhering, and documentation techniques, as well as the resources available to them within NYU and New York City in general. Additionally, the presentation covers the critical role that materials play in the experience of non-digital games.

Demolition Man Demolished

Demolition Man (1993) is not considered to be a great film. However, a deeper look reveals a complex criticism of ‘90s culture, politics, and institutions through its portrayal of a dystopic/utopic future Los Angeles. These critiques are easily overlooked given the comedic and sometimes silly nature of the movie. This presentation explores some of those criticisms through its characters, dialogue, and symbols. It is preceded by an introduction that contextualizes cinematic devices for conveying cultural criticism, whether intentionally or not.

Brendan is a Brooklyn-based designer