Panoramical Controller : 18 Parameters

Product Design

Grand Rapids, MI

September 2015
Fernando Ramallo

Playtesting Video
Build Photos
Materials & Software
Interface Hardware
Laser Cut Walnut + Plexi


Panoramical is an interactive musical landscape created by Fernando Ramallo. Players control the level through the use of a custom controller, gradually changing the world's shapes and sounds. Every combination produces a different visual environment and musical soundscape. Panoramical is designed for a gallery setting where players can explore, fiddle, and immerse themselves in the changing landscapes.

Special Edition Controller

Fifty special edition controllers were made for the development team and early supporters of Panoramical. The laser cut walnut and acrylic cases were sanded and then assembled by hand. The electronic components consisted of a custom printed circuit board and a USB microcontroller.

Gallery Controller

This version was designed for the Game Science Center in Berlin for public display and use. It features large controls and is constructed with more durable materials. 

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