Information Design : Helping You Find What You Need

These websites and collections were created to support the academic and practical needs of students. All of them are based upon existing software or platforms in order to keep their management straightforward and allow for easy expansion as the needs of the community changes.

NYU Game Center Info is an internal resources website for the students of the NYU Game Center. It contains important information on departmental policies, technical resources, course descriptions, staff and faculty bios, a catalog of the library’s collection, and professional development resources. It is built on the GitBook platform to ensure quick, easy, and non-destructive editing by anyone in the department regardless of their familiarity with web interfaces.

Open Library Collection

The library supports the Game Center’s undergraduate and graduate coursework, promoting game literacy, critical examination of play, and community engagement through hands-on access to the design history of games. The Emulated Collection consists of 11,000 classic games for consoles ranging from the Magnavox Odyssey to the Sony PSP. These games are accessed easily through the use of the LaunchBox browsing software.

Brendan is a Brooklyn-based designer