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Graphic Design Work

Printed Matter

Destiny Clock is modular programmable system for generating digital compositions. Signals are strictly on/off messages, meaning that patches for even simple melodies require several connections. Modules are based on the principles of logic chips, but extend those functionalities for purposes of composition and user interaction. Patches use a combination of generator and processor modules before passing signals to the interface module which constructs and transmits a MIDI signal to a hardware or software synthesizer.

Materials & Software
Circuit Boards
Interface Hardware
Laser Cut Plexi

External Links
Video Documentation
Sound Compositions

NYU Incubator Brochure

The NYU Game Center Incubator offers stipends, professional training, and working space to six games that demonstrate potential and ambition for publication every year. The brochure includes information on the Incubator’s mission, the NYC game development community, social media links, the advisory committee, alumni projects that have gone on to receive critical and commercial success, and upcoming releases.

Horror Quest II Flyer

Horror Quest is a name for the challenge of watching a horror movie every day in the month of October. The flyer promotes the annual event by sharing screenings around NYC, the ranking of the movies watched last year, and listing the movies that are up for this round. A curator’s statement inviting others to join them in their viewing quest is also included.

Pokémon Card Game

These cards were designed for the Fabricating Non-Digital Games Workshop. They are used to demonstrate how one can use existing art assets as placeholders in their own work, make clean and straight cuts, adhere two materials together, and some rudimentary design principles (foreground, background, visual hierarchy, etc.) to reinforce the aesthetic of their game. Alas, there is no game to accompany these designs. They are intended as a teaching tool.