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Embedded Electronic Games

Tangible Handheld Digital Adventures

Destiny Clock is modular programmable system for generating digital compositions. Signals are strictly on/off messages, meaning that patches for even simple melodies require several connections. Modules are based on the principles of logic chips, but extend those functionalities for purposes of composition and user interaction. Patches use a combination of generator and processor modules before passing signals to the interface module which constructs and transmits a MIDI signal to a hardware or software synthesizer.

Materials & Software
Circuit Boards
Interface Hardware
Laser Cut Plexi

External Links
Video Documentation
Sound Compositions

Push All The Buttons

Push All the Buttons is a game with no rules and, as its name implies, a single objective. Players are encouraged to explore and experiment with different techniques to achieve victory. A 128 Arduinome and Max patch serve as the games platform.

Sea Bees

Sea Bees is a virtual pet game. By selecting the right food and behaviors the pet with grow and evolve into a new form. There are several branchines evolution paths for the player to explore. The device is batter operated.


Envoy consists of four physical elements. The first is the main CPU housed within an aluminum enclosure. This piece holds the entire game on an internal microcontroller programmed to behave as a USB keyboard. When connected to a computer, it automatically begins to type the story. Automated Shift and Tab keys are used to change images and toggle between command windows. Second, a five-button controller acts as the player’s main interface for selecting story paths within the game. Third, a dossier of printed materials provides context for the story. Finally, a Rubik’s cube with conductive panels and a docking station serve as the game’s final puzzle. The docking station is an array of switches that is capable of detecting whether the player has correctly solved the puzzle.