Brendan Byrne

is a designer from Brooklyn. His electronic musical instruments and video game controller designs have been exhibited at the Game Science Center, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, and SF MoMA, and featured on Adafruit and Hackaday. Brendan is the Artistic/Technical Manager of StudioLab for the Council on Science and Technology at Princeton University. 

Game Controllers

Experimental Interfaces for Play

You can’t play a video game without a controller, but the good news is that you can pick whatever controller you want or even make your own. Simply changing the input method can radically alter the way a game is experienced. These devices celebrate what becomes possible when you decide to break out from the confines of the D-pads, triggers, bumpers, analog sticks, and buttons. 

Panoramical Home Controller

Fifty special edition controllers were made for the development team and early supporters of Panoramical. The laser cut walnut and acrylic cases were sanded and then assembled by hand. The electronic components consisted of a custom printed circuit board and a USB microcontroller.

Link : Game Website

Panoramical Gallery Controller

This version was designed for the Game Science Center in Berlin for public display and use. It features large controls and is constructed with more durable materials.

Panoramical Build Photos I
Panoramical Build Photos II

Super Sequence Fighter

Super Sequence Fighter is a video game controller based on a step-sequencer. Players program their commands using two sets of slide potentiometers: one for movements and another for attacks. These commands are stepped through sequentially and executed automatically. Other controls are used for altering the rate that the steps advance, limiting the number of steps, and reversing the direction of the sequence.

Super Sequence Videos
Super Sequence Photos