Brendan Byrne 

is a designer and makerspace specialist from Brooklyn. He currently manages StudioLab at Princeton University.

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Community Organizing

links design practice with the people it serves and empowers them. The following events are a selection from over ten years of directing and curating public arts gatherings in New York City. They range from small-scale meetups focused on supporting local communities to large exhibitions with hundreds in attendance.

NYU Student Showcase

The NYU Game Center Student Showcase is the culminating event of the academic year in which the program’s students present their games to the public. The exhibition includes screen-based video games, tabletop games, high-energy sports, and any other kind of game project you can imagine. Guests include recruiters, investors, academics, independent developers, and journalists. The year-long thesis and capstone projects of the graduating MFA and BFA students are the highlight of the show.

Anything But Games

Anything But Games is a monthly game-free open mic featuring four short talks from students and guests. The event showcases the diverse intellectual backgrounds and life experiences of the NYU Game Center's students, faculty, alumni, and staff. For students, it serves as a friendly break from the demands of coursework and a networking opportunity to meet alumni.

Bent Festival

Bent Festival is an annual weekend-long art and music event celebrating DIY electronics, hardware hacking, and circuit bending. Artists, composers, and engineers from around the globe are invited to perform sets, teach workshops, and display their work. The event showcases the state of DIY electronics and circuit bending culture.

In/Out Festival

In/Out Computer Arts Festival features leading performers, developers, artists, and tinkerers from the digital design community. The event bridges the gap between the online world and the stage by bringing computer art into the limelight with a weekend of workshops and live performances.