Binary Modular : 1 + 1 = 10

Prompt - Modular

Parsons MFA
New York, NY

December 2013 
Materials & Software
Interface Hardware
Laser Cut Plexi


The Binary Modular creates and processes digital on/off signals for the purposes of visual and musical composition. The system includes a squarewave signal generator, frequency divider, shift register, and multiplexer. Signals are connected and processed via patch cables. Final command signals are connected to an interface module where each is assigned a MIDI note number. These messages can be routed to hardware synthesizers and digital audio workstations. 

12-Bit Patterns

12-bit patterns is an example of the visual potential of the Binary Modular. Each image is composed of a series of rectangular color strips. The height, color, and position of each strip are determined by the current state of twelve binary operators. The system can be patched in limitless ways, but it is through the use of the frequency division module that the most interesting visual harmonics are achieved.

Brendan is a Brooklyn-based designer