Brendan Byrne

is a designer from Brooklyn. His electronic musical instruments and video game controller designs have been exhibited at the Game Science Center, Eyebeam Art + Technology Center, and SF MoMA, and featured on Adafruit and Hackaday. Brendan is the Artistic/Technical Manager of StudioLab for the Council on Science and Technology at Princeton University. 

About Me

In 2013 I enrolled in the MFA Design and Technology program at Parsons School of Design. My intention was to further develop my technical skills in electronics and programming. While attending, I discovered a penchant for researching, prototyping, and user testing.

Using the techniques from my user experience and studio courses, I started an online storefront to sell my electronic instruments. The business flourished and allowed me to experiment with more complex designs and fabrication techniques.

After graduating, I accepted a position at the NYU Game Center working as their Technology Manager. I immersed myself in the department’s culture of collaboration and openness. In no time at all, I was managing their annual student showcase, leading production workshops, and organizing a lecture series. It turned out to be an ideal environment for me. I was able to prototype new services for community members, quickly gather and assess feedback, and talk with students about their everyday lives and needs. It was very rewarding work.

In 2019, after spending four years at the center, I felt it was time for a change, so I decided to join the Council and Science Tecnology at Princeton University where I now manage StudioLab.

I Like to...

pet my dogs, pet other dogs, go for hikes, watch scary movies that aren’t too scary, sleep on the floor, pretend ghosts are real, give encouraging feedback to young designers, organize everything, think about my future, do nothing, watch cartoons, try as many flavors of ice cream at the counter before it’s considered impolite, take recommendations, video chat with friends, eat ramen, drink tea on a rainy day, read books, read book reviews, write reviews, stretch, have daily practices, play with my yoga ball, host guests, chill out to ambient music, change my mind, listen to metal, defend video games, avoid the subway when possible, collect rocks, listen to people talk about computers, get in and get out at the farmers market, make omletes, go to bed early, and more.